From Canada to California to Alabama – Beach volleyball carries this athlete around North America

Vanessa Roscoe is a freshman on the Cal Poly women’s beach volleyball team. Roscoe grew up in Ontario, Canada playing indoor volleyball with her entire family.

Roscoe would play beach volleyball during the summer with her friends, and realized she liked it more than indoor. She decided that she have to leave Canada to pursue it.

“Since theres only 20 schools in Canada total, the competition level isn’t as good because theres only so many teams. I really wanted to come somewhere where I would be really challenged and pushed to a whole new level in sports,” Roscoe said. The weather in Ontario is very cold, and doesn’t suit the preferred climate of beach volleyball, according to Roscoe.

Photo by Pixabay

The women’s beach volleyball team recently finished up their season ending at the National Collegiate Athletics Association tournament in Alabama, according to Mustang News.

The team traveled around the United States visiting Florida, Texas, Arizona, Hawaii and Alabama.

Before the season started, the team lost “a really strong player,” Roscoe said due to an injury, “We had a new player come in before season started, so it was just a lot of confusion at the beginning of season, but I think we really came together as a team to combat that.”

“It was definitely hard, but we just became stronger because of it, which made our end of season even better,” Roscoe said when reflecting on the ups and down the team faced.

Although eliminated at the the NCAA Tournament, the women’s volleyball team has had a historic season.

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